Unfortunately, Lamu is also a place that has no regulated waste disposal. As people lived for years without packaging and plastic, they never really learned how to handle it. 
In a first step we have tried to collect most of the waste together with the inhabitants of the village Kantahari (this is the place where the new Mwendo Bora school will be built on Lamu) and bring it to one place.
In the 2nd step we have started to educate the students about waste. In the summer of 2019, a volunteer, together with the local social worker Jumanne,

set out to write a story suitable for children. A teacher from the Mwendo Bora School created pictures to accompany the story. Jumanne tells the story to various classes and regularly plays games with them on the subject of waste disposal. We believe that in addition to a state waste disposal system, it is best to make children aware from an early age of the impact that the waste that is lying around has on them and their environment.

Following the clean-up, a small waste disposal site was built from wood. So the residents know where to put their trash.
This rubbish point is regularly emptied with the help of a tractor and the rubbish is taken to the local waste collection.
Lamu continues to fight for a better and more regulated waste disposal, which should cause as little damage as possible.

In addition, more clean-ups are being carried out and a local resident has taken on the task of keeping the village clean. 
Jumanne is continuing to raise awareness of the issue of waste and its consequences.