Said, a local on Lamu, founded a kindergarten for children from the poorest backgrounds. He taught the children at home with the support of his daughter and offered them a daily meal. When Gabi Nahmani and Karin Howell heard about this, they helped Said to push the kindergarten forward. More and more children were allowed to be taught in Said’s home and young teachers were given jobs. Since the demand was very high, the vision of building a kindergarten was born. Gabi and Karin supported Said and the teachers in their project, and so the newly built kindergarten could open its doors in 2018.

Thanks to the new location of the kindergarten, the possibilities of teaching techniques have been greatly expanded. As support, Kim Vetsch, a young woman from Zurich with a pedagogical education, accompanied the restructuring of the kindergarten. With small suggestions and simple techniques, she helped the teachers to make their lessons more varied. In the kindergarten, children should learn to take on responsibility in a playful way from an early age. With new kindergarten teachers, new momentum was also brought into the rooms. From homemade memory to songs on specific topics, the children are well prepared for primary school.